Hello, I’m Paul.
I am a media artist and designer based in the greater Los Angeles area. Through my work, I aim to create immersive and memorable experiences that bridge digitial and physical spaces.


General Assembly
Visual Design

Azusa High School



My Work

Othiel - Upright 

Creative Direction
A music video for screamo band based in Pomona, CA aimed at merging the aesthetics of DIY punk culture and future driven visual art.

Dull - Beaujolais

Visual Programming
A music video for digital music artist Dull, referrencing elements of goth style, pop culture, luxury fashion brands and cold aggresive beats.

WITH Records

Brand Identity
Graphic Design
A record label and art collective curating forward thinking and cutting edge music with an emphasis on provocative statements in art, culture and media during the online age.

Linger - Prototype

Interactive Art
A piece of interactive digital art designed to distort and alter the image of the subject while responding and transforming to music.


Coming Soon
Striving for an ongoing connection between subject and viewer, hu/bstudio provides sculptural and digital designs for our personal environments. carefully connecting themes of identity and home simultaneously.